Stuart-Lippman and Associates utilizes "The Sting" collection software, created by Dakcs Software Company. "The Sting" is a fully expandable, customizable and user friendly system which allows for a unified workflow between departments within the collection agency setting.

Perhaps the most essential feature of The Sting is its ability to adapt to the needs of both agency and client. Many of our clients have specific needs and expectations of their agency, and The Sting allows Stuart-Lippman and Associates to translate those needs and expectations into client specific operations. Reporting, invoicing and collection technique are catered to the needs of the client.

The flexibility of this software provides our clients quick and accurate reporting, archival capabilities and online access. Clients have the ability to review notes, place accounts, update account information or report direct payments via the internet, and in real time.

Supervisors and management have the ability to view performance and audit files by department, employee and client. All notes and actions taken on a file are date, employee and time stamped. All editing and process controls are password protected, which ensures no sensitive information can be viewed or altered by an unqualified employee.

The Sting integrates skip tracing resources. All skip tracing efforts are tracked, which allows supervisors to monitor and ensure proper effort is being expended in the debtor location process.

The Sting also contains built in safeguards to ensure strict adherence to State and Federal laws governing the collection process. State specific correspondence restrictions as well as frequency of collection attempts are all monitored by The Sting.