• Marginal or Incomplete Credit Application
  • Broken Credit Terms
  • Avoided Contact or Does Not Return Messages
  • Broken Promise to Pay or Return Product
  • Partial Payment Received when Full Payment Expected or Promised
  • Disputes Product or Service after Shipment Delivered or Service Rendered
  • Payment Games with Bad Checks: Account Closed, NSF, Stop Payment
  • Mentions: Cash Flow Problems, Looking for Investors, Refinancing, Selling or Going Out of Business
  • Requests Extended Payment Plan
  • Requests an Increased Credit Line while Past Due Outstanding
  • Re-Organizes Upper Management or Hires an Outside Consultant
  • Refuses to Sign Payment Plan With or Without a Personal or Cross Corporate Guarantee

A Red Flag means STOP not GO! How many red flags have your delinquent customers portrayed today? They are behaviors of a debtor, not a customer! A debtor consciously decides to pay someone other than you.

Three Simple Rules of True Customers

A basic measurement to determine how good your customer is to your companyís present and future financial wealth:

  • They Buy
  • They Pay
  • They Communicate Freely and Truthfully

Customers buy, pay and talk. Only debtors stop buying, stop paying and stop talking. Chances are they are now your competitorís customers or they are failing financially with risk of imminent closure.

With every broken promise for payment you waste time, lessen the potential to recover and add more costs to a lost sale. Let Stuart Allan & Associates take care of the debtors, while you take care of your true customers!