Most states require a collection agency license, appropriate bonding, or a certificate of authority in order to attempt collection. Stuart-Lippman and Associates has in place the required licensing, bonding and certificates of authority to collect nationwide.

In Arizona, where our home office is located, collection agencies are among the most vigorously audited and monitored companies. We are governed by The Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (ADFI). Regularly, ADFI will perform routine on site audits.

As members of the Commercial Collection Agency Association of the Commercial Law League of America, we have in place an additional indemnity bond with coverage totaling $300,000.00. In order to maintain our membership, we are required to achieve a level of compliance above and beyond that required by the State.

If your company requires or volume merits, Stuart-Lippman and Associates will obtain for your protection, and at our own cost, a blanket indemnity bond equal to one and one half times the gross monthly dollars recovered or anticipated to be recovered. For added protection, we carry an appropriate amount of professional liability coverage underwritten by an A+ Class XV carrier. Should you require or desire, Stuart-Lippman and Associates will add your company as an additional insured directly to our policy.