Our bilingual recovery staff is composed of:
  • Professional Collectors
  • Licensed Insurance Adjusters
  • Insurance Claims/Liability Analysts
  • Arbitration Specialists
  • Parental Responsibility Specialists
  • Skip Tracers
  • Licensed Private Investigators
  • Professional Insurance Agents
  • On Premise Legal Representation
  • And Knowledgeable Account Representatives
All recovery specialists are trained in the FDCPA, relevant insurance law, state regulations, and contracts. In addition, they must be educated individuals that have displayed superior interpersonal skills.

Their thorough understanding of current practices means more responsive service and more efficient handling of your files.

Customized Correspondence

A multi-lingual series of letters are available for our recovery specialists to utilize.

Stuart-Lippman and Associates has the ability to quickly modify existing letters or create a customized letter series to meet your specific requirements.