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Client Services Version 3 Changes

In order to make our site as effective as possible, Stuart-Lippman has updated our systems to the latest development technology and Client Services 3 now supports only the latest version and one prior version of Internet Explorer and Firefox. Users running Internet Explorer 6 or older, or Firefox 1 or older, will need to upgrade. To find out what version you are running, open your browser, hit Alt-H, and select About Internet Explorer or About Mozilla Firefox. Click here to update Internet Explorer to the latest version. If for some reason, you cannot get the latest version, you can get Internet Explorer 7 or click here to update Firefox. Thank you.

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Stuart-Lippman and Associates Client Services Disclaimer and Terms of Use Statement

  1. This portion of this web site is for Stuart-Lippman and Associates clients only. Entry into this portion of the site is password protected, and entry is restricted to those individuals who have been given passwords by Stuart-Lippman and Associates to access their account information. Access is prohibited to all other individuals.
  2. Clients agree that in using this access portal, they will use the information contained herein for legitimate business purposes.
  3. Clients agree that in accessing this portion of this Web site, they will not share their personal passwords with any other persons. This includes co-employees of their respective companies.
  4. Clients agree that they will not print, or attempt to print, any of the Web pages contained herein.
  5. Clients agree in accessing this site that they will not share any of the information contained herein with any other persons, except those persons who have been given authority, in writing, directly by Stuart-Lippman and Associates.

By checking the box below, you, as an employee of your respective company who has placed business with Stuart-Lippman and Associates, agree to the above terms of use of this portion of this Web site. If you are gaining access to this site, you have been provided a personal access code, and you are agreeing, as a condition of the use of this site and as a condition of being provided an access code, that you will not violate the terms of use contained herein.

* I agree to the above Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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